With our unique approach to fitness and our proven BODYFIT and WORKFIT programs we can systematically progress any client toward any fitness goal!  We train all ages and levels of conditioning from individuals, couples, families, kids to elderly and small and large groups. We focus on strength training, weight loss, cardiovascular conditioning, functional flexibility, core musculature development, mobility, balance and stability.  Since everybody and every body is different we educate you on the best exercises for you and your body!



BODYFIT is our signature 12 week training program designed to spark life changing results.  We set, track and review goals and progress, design workouts and an exercise program tailored to your specific needs.  Our initial consultation includes reviewing health, medical and exercise history, a fitness and movement assessment, setting goals, body composition measurements and the beginning of your training journey.  Email us to set your initial consultation.


WORKFIT is our Corporate Fitness Program for small or large businesses.  We know that it makes excellent business sense to provide a healthy work environment and to make physical fitness part of your employees lives.  In addition to the many proven health benefits of exercise physically fit employees can handle physical tasks better, deal with stress better and are less susceptible to illness and injury.  Companies now realize that proactively investing in appropriately designed fitness programs can drastically reduce money spent on employees health and medical issues. WORKFIT helps companies change their corporate culture and discover the benefits of providing workplace fitness programs.  Email us to schedule an onsite consultation to see how WORKFIT can best fit your organization.